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Service Overview

CCTV Security Cameras Installation in Melbourne

Our Surveillance Cameras Keep an Eye on Everything You Value!

Today, CCTV surveillance has become a critical tool as part of an overall security solution, but it does not stop there. CCTV surveillance can help deter crime and assist in the identification of individuals in the act of a crime, but more and more surveillance cameras are being used to assist in:

Workplace health and safety – for both staff and visitors

CCTV camera systems – providing piece of mind for the general public

Providing accurate identification of person/s as part of a security package on a site

Monitoring of plant and equipment and verification of genuine situation or event

Live security camera video viewing across your Smartphone, tablet or iPad from your site, office or home

Prevent Crimes and Identify Intruders with a Security Camera from Robuck Security

IP CCTV camera and Network Recording devices are now the ‘next generation’ in CCTV technology delivering increased flexibility, performance and the ability to provide high level interconnection with other security systems to deliver a seamless security solution.

Robuck Security can design, install, service and maintain a wide range of surveillance cameras and recording solutions, including wireless infrastructure solutions where cabling is not available or not cost-effective.

Our tailored solutions will meet your needs now as well as giving flexibility into future expansion that will tick all the boxes, whether you are a small commercial premise, large multi-site organisation or anything in between.

Installing at least one CCTV camera and NVR in your premises allows you to –

Defend your business against shoplifting and dishonest employees.

Detect and document intrusion.

Monitor merchandise and business processes.

Can also be used as a management tool to enhance company performance and health and safety.

By monitoring production processes and quality control, employers are able to identify staffing needs and maintain consistent customer service.

Keep an eye on things even when you are out and about.

CCTV security cameras allow you to monitor your chosen area and Network Video Recording makes it easy to retrieve high-quality footage upon demand. Robuck Security specialise in selecting and designing CCTV Surveillance plans and systems for Government, Corporate, Industrial Premises and Private Residences.

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