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Seamless Security Monitoring Offered by Robuck Security

Robuck Security knows that each business operates differently. Our licensed operators are trained to interpret typical activity in your business and understand what is ‘normal’ or a ‘disruption’ to this activity.

At the first sign of alarm activation or any irregularity, the team will take immediate action to reduce the risk to your property and possessions. Your instructions will have been pre-recorded in our security monitoring database and will be followed pisely by the team. Email notification of alarms or selected events keep you informed promptly. Reports and updates can also be accessed online, through our MAS security monitoring software.

Integrated Security Nationwide

For complete peace of mind and a seamless service delivery, our customers can draw on Robuck Security’s other services including mobile patrols dispatched to an alarm response.

Robuck Security has developed a new software solution, Alarm Response Tracking System (ARTS) which links the mobile patrol officers back to our Monitoring Centre. Patrol responses are tracked within the monitoring centre with regular checks until a status is confirmed and signed off.

Get Your Site Armed with Our Alarm Monitoring Service

Robuck Security coordinates professional and reliable Patrol Officers in response to alarm monitoring activations, staff escorts and on demand guard requests. Benefits include a speedier reporting methodology, convenience and reliability that come from an integrated alarm monitoring and response service.

We Assure You That Assets are Safe with Our Alarm Monitoring.

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