Robuck Security is a Tier 1 Security Company

Our commitment to “Excellence Through Diligence” represents how we work

Because we manage risk we provide peace of mind for our clients

Using our expertise in Guarding, Electronics, Patrols

Clients trust us because we earn and foster that trust

Keep in touch with clients – be visible, contactable & responsive

Excellence Through Diligence

Represents how we approach our jobs every day – no exceptions, no excuses.

Relevant Industry Experience

Robuck has experience across key industry sectors and clients including; Corporate, Commercial, Industrial, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Education, Government, Residential, Individuals/VIPS

Remember the “Whole of Robuck”

Regardless of our area or role, every one of us represents the whole Robuck business.

That means that when we speak with clients about their business, we need to be think about how we can assist them with our whole service offering – Guarding, Electronics & Patrols.

Robuck Quality Management System

The Robuck Quality Management System ensures consistently high service levels.

As part of our Quality Management System we conduct regular audits and also assess the impact of any new work on the service levels provided to existing clients.

This is a cornerstone of our commitment to our clients and has consolidated our reputation as a leading tier 1 security provider.

Robuck Quality Systems Certification

Robuck is certified to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems and we comply with the requirements of Australian Standard AS Guards & Patrols 4421


Robuck Security is a Tier 1 Security Company with a 35 year heritage and a reputation for setting the benchmark for service, quality & protection for our clients.

Our commitment to Excellence Through Diligence represents how we work, establishing a total security plan for our clients then closely managing the delivery of that plan.

Excellence Through Diligence is also reflected in our ISO9001-2008 accreditation, our use of proven technology, our established security protocols and the integration of our three core services: Guarding, Electronics & Patrols.

In security, service quality and the ultimate value and robustness of the protection you receive, starts with the team responsible for planning and delivery.

Robuck Security maintains an A-Grade team at both management and operational levels who are assigned to clients for the life of the contract.  This means that you and your organisation will continue to receive a consistently high standard of service and protection from Robuck Security.

Excellence Through Diligence is our approach – no exceptions, no excuses


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