Security Guards Melbourne

Guarding is a foundation service in the security industry and Robuck Security has significant expertise in providing licensed security officers for onsite guarding and concierge.

The cornerstone of our approach is ensuring that we provide the highest standards of service and protection.  To deliver on this promise we pride ourselves on the careful selection and ongoing training of management and operational staff.

Every member of the Robuck Team is selected based on key Robuck attributes; attitude, customer focus, ability, integrity, intelligence and diligence.  These attributes are present in every team member and ensure that we maintain the highest standards and service levels.

As part of our commitment to service excellence, Robuck Security maintains an audited Quality Management System. We have a strong focus on sustainable growth, and have implemented internal controls to ensure that before we take on any new work we assess whether it will affect our capability to service our current clients.

This process has helped us to develop long term relationships with a client base that will confirm that we have the highest levels of experience, ability and customer focus.  We believe this approach has consolidated our reputation as one of the finest providers of quality security services in the industry.

Management Team

Within the established and proven parameters of the Robuck Total Security Plan and our Quality Assurance Systems, the role of the Robuck Management Team is to work closely with our clients to identify and confirm your requirements.

The responsible member of the management team is then accountable for establishing and implementing your Robuck Total Security Plan.

Operational Staff

Once Robuck Security have established a Robuck Total Security Plan, we develop a specific implementation plan ensuring that adequate resources are in place to enable the plan and security protocols to be implemented effectively

Specific Operational Staff are assigned to each site to ensure continuity and service quality and, working under the direction of the management team, the operational staff are briefed on all aspects of the Robuck Security Plan.

Operational staff are supported on a day to day basis by our management team and backed up by our other associated functions of security electronics, patrols, alarm response coordination, and an expert team of Security Advisors.

Robuck Total Security is complete peace of mind for our clients


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