A business with a structured and properly managed security approach, appropriate to the specific business risks, will more likely prosper than a business that neglects these risks.

Robuck Total Security utilises security as a business driver and provides both tangible and intangible benefits to a business.

Protecting People

  • Robuck Total Security involves and protects all employees, visitors, guests and contractors from the consequences of flawed security including loss of life or personal injury or trauma
  • Robuck Security provides a secure and safe working environment with reduced behavioural and physical threats and risks improving staff retention and morale
  • Robuck Security improves the human resources welfare (culture) of an organisation and is an important component in being an employer of choice

Protection from Loss & Damage

  • Robuck Total Security effectively and proactively protects a business against the financial impacts of loss of property, loss or damage of physical & intellectual assets, loss of community standing or business reputation
  • Robuck Security supports well maintained property and infrastructure free of damage or graffiti demonstrates that a company that takes the welfare of its employees, stakeholders and visitors seriously and maintains a positive reputation and brand image

Protection From Litigation – Corporate & Personal

  • Robuck Total Security effectively and proactively protects a business against the risks of litigation arising from failure to take appropriate measures to protect individuals, assets, customers or the community from harm

Access to Expertise

  • Security is a function that involves internal and external events, Robuck Security provides the skill and experience needed to assess the environment and match responses to reduce and manage risks

Increase Productivity

  • Robuck Security increased productivity through appropriate incident planning and response allowing employees to focus on core functions

Reduce Costs

  • Robuck Security provides security systems like CCTV which reduce the costs of criminal processes (Investigations, Legal Counsel, Court proceedings) by providing compelling evidence collected in line with required protocols and evidence standards
  • Robuck Security minimises insurance claims and premiums as it prevents, reduces or minimises escalation of risks.
  • Security minimises the operating costs of a business including the costs of maintenance, repair and replacement due to the loss, appropriation, theft or damage of tangible and intangible assets.


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